Cathy Criswell’s Message on the Issues

The Office of the City Auditor has adopted the Institute of Internal Auditors’ International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. I will continue to follow this tradition. These Standards apply to Tulsa in the following ways:


Citizens trust city employees to do the right thing. As City Auditor, I will be diligent in ensuring city officials are not only doing the right thing but are doing their jobs the best way. When teaching classes on ethics for city employees, I have asked them to consider what the citizens would think if they saw them on the job. As the Chief Risk Officer, I managed the city’s ethics hotline, determining how to handle ethics complaints. I personally investigated many ethics violations and fraud at all levels of City Hall.


Events like natural disasters or economic downturns affect our city’s success. Our leaders should analyze dangers like these and have a plan ready if things don’t go perfectly. This is the heart of good risk management. As City Auditor, I will ensure our city managers continue to practice good risk management because this will help prepare them for the unexpected.


Controls are what managers put in place to accomplish goals and objectives. An auditor’s responsibility is to review control systems to ensure they are effective and efficient. Having done both strategic analysis and audits of city operations, I have an excellent understanding of the city’s control processes. This experience and knowledge gives me an advantage in focusing and using audit resources wisely and finding ways to improve city operations.